Spaceships and colored lights


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Krypton is a very simple spaceship arcade game that pits you against tons of giant spaceships armed with laser machine guns. Now, as opposed to how these games are normally played, in Krypton you will face them one by one.

What Krypton really offers is a kind of 'Boss Rush Mode', where you have to face off against enemies that get bigger and badder with each iteration. They're easy to destroy at first and they don't shoot much, but as you progress, the game turns into an authentic 'bullet hell'.

Like any good arcade spaceship game, Krypton has graphics that are as simple as they are spectacular. Although the spaceship designs are relatively basic, your screen will be inundated with colorful lights all the time. Surviving, as it turns out, is not so easy.

Krypton is a fun spaceship arcade game with simple yet addictive gameplay that is sure to glue you to your screen for hours.
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